Smith-Bryant Post 572

Message from the Post Commander, Jeff Meurer, CSM, US Army (Ret)


Jeff Meurer, Commander, Post 572, Welcome Message


Greetings Fellow Comrades!

Post 572’s 3rd Annual Memorial Golf Tournament planning stage has begun.  We are needing Legionnaires to volunteer to help run our largest income maker of the year. This is your post so come help make this a great event!

Please check our Events Calendar and our Community Events page for fliers and more information on all the events! 

The San Angelo veteran community is quite active!  Monies raised from these events are used to assist local veterans. Your volunteerism is greatly needed and appreciated.  

Just a reminder that our Officer elections will be during the May 13th General Meeting.  Post Commander is an open position, if you want to run for any of the Officer and/or Member-at-large position or if you want to be on the Elections Committee please contact Carl Frentz at

I have been elected as District 21 Commander for 2023-2024 as of March 18, 2023!  I am not leaving this post which means we will be able to host District 21 meetings here in San Angelo!

Let us not forget our purpose! The American Legion’s top priority is to reduce veteran suicides by encouraging veterans, caregivers and others to "Be the One" to save the life of one veteran. Instead of focusing on the staggering number of veteran lives lost each day, it is time to focus on saving one at a time. That starts with destigmatizing mental health issues and making it OK for veterans to ask for help.  The National Hotline for in crisis is 988 if you can’t find resources in your hometown.  San Angelo has a number of resources, just reach out to us! Crisis & Emergency Contacts

“Be The One” moving the American Legion forward so no Vet is left behind.







The website content will be continually updated with specific local and community information as accurately and quickly as possible. Please check back often for website updates and new information about Post 572 ongoing and new initiatives. 




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